Terms & Conditions

Each STENMARK jewel is made-to-order on an individual basis and as such, is not returnable.


Once the 1st installment payment has been received and the making of the jewel has commenced, the deposit is not refundable.

Payment of the 1st installment constitutes an acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.


Prices are subject to change.




Product Warranty and Authenticity Guarantee


STENMARK provides a one-year warranty on all jewellery that protects you against any manufacturing defects. In addition, all products have a lifetime authenticity guarantee that covers misrepresentation of any product material including both metals and gemstones.




Product Images

Some pieces may appear slightly larger or smaller than actual size due to photography techniques or to screen defaults. Other pieces may be shown larger than actual size in order to clearly show details or smaller than actual size in order to show the entire item. Actual dimensions of each piece are shown next to the item.