It’s 1am, I’m Wearing Sweats And Buying A Warhol

1 May 2014 
skidmore tracey harris Still Water
Tracey Harris’s Still Water, Skidmore Contemporary Art

Nothing (except a breathtaking jewel) makes my heart beat faster than gazing at an amazing artwork. And what sends my excitement into overdrive is the not-frequent-enough occasion when I get to buy a piece of art. Gallery hopping in Sydney is a regular Saturday pastime, but increasingly I find myself travelling the world to view and buy art. Why restrict yourself to the art world young guns from your own neighbourhood when there’s a global gallery waiting for you on-line?

Food In Film – Four of Susan Stitt’s Favourites

15 August 2013 
marie antoinette cakes on stenmark
She won’t  eat cake. From Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette

Some of the best scenes ever photographed are around the dinner table. The greatest realm for sociability, it is the hardest scene to shoot well, but the best environment for social comment, family conflict and resolve. It is hard to imagine a film that has no food.  Small fact:  Brad Pitt eats in nearly every scene he does. Do we love him even more? So says cinematographer and chef Susan Stitt, for whom film and food are two of life’s greatest pleasures. Here, she talks about her standout films where food takes a starring role.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

19 July 2013 
Mitchell English self-portrait, Rome
Mitchell English Self Portrait, Rome

We love visiting great artworks in galleries and museums, but we love to browse the attached gallery shop, too. Artist Mitchell English, who is also the director of new Paddington gallery Butcher’s Hook, talks galleries, a packed lunch and unmissable exhibitions.