A Check List To Discover Your Signature Jewel

24 June 2014  by Susie Stenmark
Sun Ray pendant AC_P
Rarely seen without: the STENMARK Sun Ray pendant

It’s a beautiful idea that your most-often worn piece of jewellery can become your signature, almost  a part of you. But sometimes the jewel you love the most is not the jewel that’s the most wearable. Your signature jewel can be both.

So You Think You Don’t Like Opals?

12 March 2014  by Susie Stenmark
STENMARK Pink Opal necklace
Pink opal yellow gold Basket-Weave necklace with with white enamel = fresh and feminine


How about if they come in single-colour super saturated hues of orange, pink, white or swimming pool blue? Would you like opals then?

Wear It Well: Rachel Zoe

25 September 2013  by Susie Stenmark
Rachel Zoe on theSTENmark
Rachel Zoe: jewellery is always a strong statement

Wear It Well highlights outstanding women who wear jewels with their own particular brand of elan and style, inspiring all of us to up the ante and adorn. Who better than Rachel Zoe to show us how it’s done?