A Check List To Discover Your Signature Jewel

24 June 2014  by Susie Stenmark

Stenmark Latin Motto orange sapphire ring

Bold & strong, your signature jewel says a lot about you, like the Latin Motto disc ring with orange sapphires

You feel naked without it. A ring you wear every day; if you looked at your hand and it wasn’t on your finger, something would be wrong. A ring that’s your talisman, your armour. A necklace you never ever take off. You sleep in it, you shower in it and it looks beautiful with everything you wear. Leaving aside an engagement ring or a wedding ring, do you have a signature piece that becomes you (and has become you) so totally that your friends would comment if you weren’t wearing it?

If you’re a low-key accessoriser who prefers not to change and match her jewellery to each day’s look, having a signature jewellery piece is a fuss-free way to go. If your grandfather’s gold signet ring is rarely off your finger and goes with your clean cut style, then that’s it – you have a style identifier that’s uniquely you. I have a friend whose boyfriend is Greek. She’s not really tempted to get the Greek key motif as a tattoo encircling her arm, but she is tempted by my Greek key ring in 18 karat gold, and she’ll wear it every day.

If your favourite jewel satisfies all the following criteria, then eureka! you’ve found your signature piece.

  • is it versatile to go with most of your looks?
  • does it work well for day and evening?
  • is it so second skin you forget you’re wearing it?
  • is it work appropriate – and work comfortable? Can you use a keyboard whilst wearing your favourite between-the-fingers ring?
  • is the jewel in the same metal colour as most of your jewellery?
  • does it finish your look, the way a good piece of jewellery should?
  • is it sentimental? does it hold great meaning for you?
  • does it give you pleasure every time you look at it?


Tell me about your signature jewel and what it means to you.


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